The Always in Flux Game of Fluxx

fluxx header

One of the first games that grabbed my attention when I first started watching gameplay videos on Geek & Sundry was Star Fluxx. After watching it I immediately found a local game store here in town that had it in stock and purchased it.

basic rule Star Fluxx is a themed edition of the card game Fluxx distributed by Looney Labs. Fluxx starts out with 2 simple rules called the Basic Rules; draw 1 card, play 1 card. After dealing 3 cards to each player, whoever can grab a card from the draw pile goes first. Following the Basic Rules, the player then plays a single card (unless a card states otherwise, more on that later). At the end of the players turn, play continues counter clockwise. Sounds simple enough but Fluxx is called Fluxx for a reason.

draw 3 One type of card in the Fluxx deck is called a New Rule card. A New Rule card adds to and / or modifies the Basic Rule of draw 1 play 1. For example, the New Rule card seen to the right changes the rule of draw 1 to draw 3. All the rule cards are basically the same from theme to theme with a few exceptions and the rules range from things like drawing, playing, keeper limits, hand limits, and so on.

All of the rules shown below can actually be in play at the same time!

To win Fluxx, the player must accomplish a Goal. A Goal card generally consists of the player having 2 or more Keepers and/or Creepers on the playing field. With the exception of Zombie Fluxx, Keepers are generally good, and Creepers are generally bad. Most Creeper cards don’t let a player win unless the Goal states otherwise.

Take a look at the image below:

goal win

If this goal is in play and a player has the 2 Keepers in play, the player wins and the game is over (or is it? More on that later). Now look at the next image:

goal no win

The player does not win because there is a Creeper in play. This particular Creeper attaches to a Keeper. There are cards that allow a player to remove a Creeper but that generally will also dispose of the Keeper. And there are some goals which allow a player to win with a Creeper.

expendable crewman Some Keepers have special abilities. One of my favorite Keepers is displayed to the left; Expendable Crewman. This card is fun because if another player tries to steal your Keeper, and you have this card in play, they have to take Expendable Crewman! Players can steal my cards?!? You bet! There are 2 other types of cards in Fluxx; Action and Surprise cards.

action and surprise Action cards are played during your turn. Surprise cards can be played at any time and have out of turn and a during your turn functions. Surprise cards can even keep a player from winning even when they meet the goal!

Fluxx and all the themed versions are great fun and can usually be played in 10 – 40 minutes. Most are family friendly. There is one theme, Stoner Fluxx, that I probably won’t let my 12, 9, and 8 year old play. Fluxx is incredibly simple to learn since the rules start so simple and new rules explain themselves extremely well.

If you’re looking for a fun card game for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with Fluxx and their is likely a theme for everyone of all ages.